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Lincoln Center for the performing Arts, Inc.

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Lincoln Letter
Lincoln Letter

140 West 65 Street
New York, NY 10023

Lincoln Center
for the performing Arts, Inc.

March 4, 1996

CAI Restoration Services
A Division of Contract Applicators, Inc.
96 West Grand Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07202
Att: Mr. Anthony Cappuccio

Re: Plaza Drain Problems at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Dear Mr. Cappuccio,

I'd like to express my sincere thanks to you and Nick for the fine job you are doing on handling the problem at the Lincoln Center Plaza drains.

Over the years the plaza system literally developed "hardening of the arteries." Some of the storm drains were totally plugged up solid with travertine deposits that have leached down from various facades over the past 30 years. This condition has contributed to the numerous leaks to the finishes in the occupied areas below the plazas. The maintenance department in the past had tried various rooters without success. Finally the plumbers ended up cutting out sections and replacing them with new pipe.

Lincoln Center was faced with a dilemma. The replacement would be expensive and take years to complete. Your method utilizing high pressure water jets does work with minimal disruption. It proved to be an economical solution to a long standing problem at the Lincoln Center.

I want to thank you and your crew for the great job you've done. If I can be of assistance as a referral in the future, please don't hesitate to call me.

Very Truly yours,
Leonard Notar
Assistant Director of Operations

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Tecknit Letter
Tecknit Letter

February 19, 1998

CAI Restoration Services
A Division of Contract Applicators, Inc.
96 West Grand Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202
Attn: Mr. Anthony Cappuccio

RE: Roof water proofing two plant roofs, 129 Dermody Street

Dear Mr. Cappuccio:

Since your completion of the roof exterior masonry work there's been a world of difference with the in-door environment of our plant and offices. It's a pleasure not to have a deal with all those nuisance leaks, that we all got used to dealing with every time it rained.

Most of all I would like to thank you for a job well done by you and your company. The accounting department also thanks you for saving us over $100,000 by using your (fully adhered saturant roof system vs. (conventional roof system with tear off).

If I can be of further assistance on any referrals, please call me.

Very Truly Yours,

Frank Santos
Plant Superintendent & Engineer

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Zarephath Christian Schools

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Zarephath Christian Schools
Zarephath Christian Schools

595 Weston Canal Road
Zarephath, NJ 08890


January 5, 2004

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the ZCS yearbook staff, we would like to wish you a happy New Year. Zarephath Christian Schools has undertaken the job of publishing a yearbook. We believe this is a very important factor in each student’s education since it reflects many of their activities and is a remembrance of their youth. Our school is one of several important ministries of the Pillar of Fire organization. We would appreciate your support in this endeavor. You can help by purchasing an ad, which will be published in the 2004 Torch Yearbook. In addition to the ads, we have one, two and three line patrons available. For instance, you may wish to purchase one-eighth of a page, which would accommodate your business card. Please see the enclosed information, which contains our price list and guidelines.

If you are interested in placing an ad or patron in the yearbook, please complete and return the enclosed order form by January 31, 2004.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at 732-356-3488 or via email at

In His service,

Christopher M. Stanko
Yearbook Advisor

Julie Chamberlain
Senior Class Advertising Management

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Nicholas Cappuccio, pictured on the right side of the adjoining photograph, originally founded the organization in 1954 (1922-1991). After considerable success in the residential and light commercial construction field, in 1973 Anthony Cappuccio, pictured on the left side of the adjoining photograph, joined the organization and the company expanded into the commercial and industrial construction (i.e., restaurants, office buildings, banks, chemical and manufacturing plants, and industrial building).

The projects were greatly expanded and grew into large commercial buildings, public projects and buildings, industrial, chemical, manufacturing and industrial projects and buildings. In the early 1970's, before the GC, General Construction projects grew from the $50,000 range to $750,000 range. The projects were performed in various industries, for example, Banking and Financial, County and Municipal, Commercial and Retail, Medical and Office, Manufacturing, Warehouse/Distribution industrial facilities. The CAI Construction services expanded from (GC) General Contractor, to (CM) Construction Management, Offering (VAE) Value Added Engineering Services, Design & Build Services, Plant Maintenance Services, Cost Plus a Fee, Unit Price, (T&M) Time and Material.

In 1978, our success continued with the expansion into the specialized market of exterior building cleaning and restoration. Under the Sermac and SMS trademarks, the company developed several system technologies in cleaning and building restoration. CAI (Contract Applicators, Inc.) was registered in 1992 in order to expand upon its success and services in building restoration, construction, and facility maintenance. At this time CAI developed three divisions to more adequately service the expanding needs of building owners, facilities managers and industrial plants.

CAI has been established to help the multi-location manager attain financial and management goals for maintaining property for over five years. Clients can feel confident that CAI has the thorough knowledge and depth of experience, which is vital to today's property manager. Ever expanding governmental regulations and the need to maximize the value of all expenditures and resources necessitates reliable services. We provide that for you.

CAI Representatives are available for consultation please call 800.622.1314 or email us.

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