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Cool Wall Technology

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Cool Wall Technology Hot Walls… Cool Solutions sm (To Lower Exterior Wall Surface (Skin)Temperatures, Minimizing Heat gain in Interior spaces requiring Less Cooling and Energy Costs) AS with the commercial roofing industry, reflectivity and cool roofing has been the dominant discussion point for several years, Now there’s been more talk and focus on the Building wall envelope as well and CAI’s Cool Wall Technology® A Nano Technology Membrane Coating system is setting New standard for Insulated Wall Coating System in actually insulating plus reflectivity and the resulting energy savings. Now, terms like sustainability, cool Exterior Walls, and cool Cladding/Siding are receiving a lot of attention, and once again, CAI is setting the bar for Products & Services that Include; Reflectivity, CAI’s Cool Wall Technology® Liquid Applied Wall Sustainable Finish, based on Nano Technology Nano-Coating Systems, that is an Insulating Wall Coatings System, (CAI is a Certified Installer for Nano Technology Coating Systems, Nansulate, Duro-Last®, ER Systems, Product Line.) Learn more about the Five E's The Five E’s Energy Environment Endurance Economics Engineering, Call CAI Today@ 800-622-1314, or refer to tech support, go to