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Building Restoration & Construction Services

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Building Restoration & Construction ServicesCAI Restoration Services provides building restoration services covering a full range of building designs, & envelope constructions, and types, for roofing, interior, and exterior/façade repairs and renovations. Whether for commercial buildings, industrial buildings, historical sites, office buildings, or warehouses, we have the skills and expertise to meet your building restoration & reconstruction needs.

CAI offers capabilities for green building design and construction to meet LEED compliances, achieving required standards in efficiency and resources used. In addition, we are skilled in cool building technologies: cool roof reflective and solar shielding protective surfacing systems, cool building reflective/solar shielding conservation systems, and cool building HVAC energy conservation.

We work with high performance coatings and membrane systems, mainly epoxy urethane, for repair and protection applications such anti corrosion, water repellent, and traffic coatings. We will also handle installation and sealing for metal cladding and curtain walls, to prevent the need for gasket replacement.

Our masonry façade skills include stone repair and restoring for most stone types from brownstone to limestone. For concrete structures, we offer deck repair, precast concrete resurfacing, and parking garage restoration. Other façade services include caulking, joint treatment, sealants, removal or netting and strapping of loose building elements, and stucco application and repair.

We can provide waterproofing systems including air and vapor barriers, elastomeric coatings, and epoxy and urethane injections, for buildings, balconies, and pedestrian walkways. Roofing services include PVC waterproofing membrane systems, as well as TPO , EPDM, Modified Bitumen, & BUR systems, and restoration and waterproofing of metal and asphalt roofs. Finally, we are experienced with Cablevision Stabilization Project repair & Cablevision Stabilization Project stabilization systems: Durable Cablevision Stabilization Project Systems, Push Piering and Helical Piering stabilization systems.

Prior to the Building Restoration Process, (on selected projects)we will consult with you and or your design consultant on design and layout issues, sharing our expertise in building systems, materials, assemblies, floors and decks, roof systems, facades, building envelope, and structural concerns.. With this information at hand and our three generation experience & knowledge we can recommend best materials and systems life cycle & associated costs for your ROI (Return On Investment) so as the owner you can make an intelligent decision on the dollars and cents spent on your building project. We use 2-D and 3-D CAD modeling, and provide maintenance service as well. We are ACI, DFI, AISI and CSI trained/certified and are ready to assist in all your building restoration needs.

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Building Restoration & Construction Services Portfolio

Building Restoration & Construction Service Specifications

Building Focus
Office & High- density Residential Buildings
Industrial Building
Historical Sites
Manufacturing Buildings
Warehouses, & Distribution Centers
Building Envelope Restoration & Preservation Services
Brick & Stone Masonry
EIFS Systems
(Exterior Insulation and Finish System)
Elastomeric Wall Coatings
Facade Inspection
Material Selection
Marble & Limestone, Cleaning & Restore
Moisture Protection/Prevention & Restoration
  • Partners with several large national/international material manufactures, to gain access to latest technology, training, extended warranties and advanced products in a timely manner, including technical support for factory and field representative for specific application / installation requirements
Roofing Systems, Restoration
Sealant Removal and Joint Restoration
Waterproofing Systems
  • Above Grade
  • Below Grade
Write Specification and Prepare Documentation
Concrete Structure Restoration
Deck Repair
Decks on grade
Precast Concrete Resurfacing
Parking Garage Restoration
Indoor Renovations/Restoration
Coating of Overhead, Superstructure Walls &
Duct & Exhaust Cleaning
Overhead Structure Cleaning
Facade Repairs
Caulking & Joint Sealant
Joint Treatment; Expansion/Contraction
Netting and Strapping of Falling Building Elements
Removal of Loose Building Elements
Surface& Penetrating, Sealants
Stucco Repair/Synthetic Stucco application Specialty Products & Services for Parapet walls,
Masonry Services
Brick Rebuilding/New Installation
Building Cleaning
Historic Masonry Rebuilding
Natural Stone, Restoration Certified; Patching/Repair/Restore
  • Brownstone
  • Terra Cotta (Glazing)
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
Stabilization Systems
Stone Removal & Replacement
Through-Wall Flashing Repair Certified Installers
of Jahn R Cathedral Stone Company
Sealant Removal & Restoration
Control/Expansion Joints
New Sealant Installation
Panel Joints
Precast Joints
Sealant Removal and Replacement
Wet Glazing
Window Installation
High Performance Protective Coatings and Membrane Systems
Anticorrosion Coatings
  • 110 Epo Cem,Epoxy Rebar Coating
Concrete Deck Repairs
transparent clear Water Repellant
Crack Repair
Epoxy Urethanes
Expanding Polyurethane Grout
Deck Traffic Coating Systems
Waterproofing Systems
Air and Vapor Barriers
Concrete Balconies
Elastomeric Coatings
Epoxy and Urethane Injection
Plaza, & Pedestrian Walkways
Asphalt Roofing Restoration
  • Acrylic Systems
  • Reflective Systems
  • Solar shielding Systems
  • Energy Saving Systems
EPDM Systems PVC,TPO ,EPDM, Modified Bitumen,& BUR systems,
Metal Maintenance
PVC Waterproofing
Membrane Systems
Metal Roof Water Proofing
Metal Cladding & Curtain Walls
Gasket Replacement
Sealant Application,
Metal Maintenance,& Refinishing
General Contracting Services Conventional & Pre-Engineered Building Systems, Green Building Design and Construction
Leeds Compliant Building Systems
Cool Building Technology Services Cool Roof Energy Saving Systems, Reflective, Solar Shielding Protective Surfacing Systems
Cool Building Energy Saving Systems, Reflective/ Solar Shielding Energy Conservation, Systems
Cool Building Mechanical HVAC Energy Conservation Systems
Cablevision Stabilization Project Stabilization System Services
Cablevision Stabilization Project Repair & Stabilization Systems,
Building Underpinning Systems Deep Cablevision Stabilization Project
Push Piering Stabilization Systems
Helical Piering Stabilization Systems
Consulting Services
CAD Drawings
  • 2-D
  • 3-D Rendering
Building Systems
Floors & Decks
Roof Systems
Industry Standards & Certifications
American Iron and Steel Institute
Construction Specification Institute
American Concrete Institute
JAHN Restoration Mortars, Stone Restoration
Typical Lead Times Available Min
2 Weeks Rush Services Available
File Formats Accepted
Bit Mapped Graphics
Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
Graphics Interchange Format
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Portable Document Format
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