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Building Envelope Renovation & Restoration

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Building Envelope Renovation & Restoration (for a Better Building Operation, Safety and Comfort, of the Employees & Occupants) We provide the following services: Roof Waterproofing, Elastomeric Roof Coatings, Bur Built up Roofing, Modified Bituminous, PVC, EPDM. TPO, Vinyl single ply, Issues, Parapet Walls, Brick Restoration services, Roof Drains Water Damage Issues, and Water damage Repair, CAI Restoration Services are the approved Duro-last, and ER Systems roofing installers, industrial and commercial Roof Restoration services, a leader in Roofing Restoration Companies services, Roof Top Equipment and Penetrations Issues solutions, Exterior walls Masonry Restoration, and Roof Penetrations Issues, & Cablevision Stabilization Project Repair and cracks & Settlement repairs, Water Intrusion &Seepage; Issues, CAI is a Complete Restoration Services company, CAI is one of the most reliable Commercial Roofing Companies in the North East USA.