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CAI Restoration Services Specializes in Office and Industrial Building Restoration

Even though it’s a New Facility, a complete renovation of an existing Facility, or partial upgrade of the current older Facilities, and or Repair and Restoration of existing Building(s) the challenges are there waiting for you, your staff and your designers to overcome them successfully!.

A building owner or executive that is responsible for the Plant, Building, Structure, and Site complex and Property on a New or Renovation/Restoration Project knows that the challenges are enormous. Unmitigated Building construction design cuts and changes in the scope of work, can lead to unnecessary delays, cost overruns and downtime issues for the project team and their immediate superiors responsible for the project. These delays can be very time consuming causing lost production and or use of your facility. This can affect your bottom line substantially, negate any anticipated upfront design, and cut savings and the company bottom line. One too many bottom line losses mean unhappy Stockholders, Board of Directors and CEO’s.

CAI’s Construction Management Services can help you smooth the building construction process in your project and to stay on target. The time life use cycle of a structure always exceeds the designed project life cycle time line, generally due to inflationary costs and economic issues, lack of appropriate maintenance generally equals unplanned emergency repairs and expensive upgrades IE: Roof Systems, Exteriors &Facades; Work, and also the high replacement costs of new Building and Facilities. These conditions continue without maintenance and upgrade. The unintended consequences to the Buildings and Structures then are stretched to the limit of their intended life cycle, until, in some cases, they eventually are sold, closed or abandoned. Due to the down current economic conditions the focus has been how much less we can pay to build-out or restore the project. Rather than how do the design cuts affect the core of the project and mitigate the unintended consequences, IE; for immediate and long term maintenance vs. ROI (return on investment)?.

At CAI Restoration Services We Care about your budget goals. We Care about your Project quality, We Care about your Project schedules and overall Project Vision and your Project success. We can do all of this economically with our cost saving creative (out of the box) thinking, utilizing available 2 D & 3D CAD Rendering Design Drawings, Pictometry, and Pre-Engineered Building Component Systems along with our VAE ( Value Added Engineering) Project Service. CAI’s In-Plant Construction Services can handle all of your Building upgrades and Renovation Projects. CAI’s AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) can do the In-Plant Maintenance Services without the associated overhead and required support staff from your company employees. CAI’s AMC Services can help you to keep your plant running smoothly with fewer breakdowns and associated downtime.

CAI caters to the concerned building owner/manager as it is an Eco-friendly Construction and Consulting Services Company to the Building Restoration and Construction Industries. CAI has three generations of expertise in handling the challenging projects that stymie our competitors. We were "Green” before the Green Building word was invented & Eco-Friendly then too! CAI is a general contractor (GC) which has an extensive technical background in specialized building trades. We have direct responsibility with hands on experience in the specialized trades and Project Management. We can help you in solving the most difficult technical problems. Over the years CAI has been confronted with and solved many technical construction issues and challenges with IE: Building Envelope Systems, Masonry & Concrete Work, Structural Building Work, Foundations issues, Mechanical/Electrical and Site Work related issues. We run the extra mile to ensure the work meets our client's needs. Call Today! To arrange a Free Survey, Initial Consultation/Cost Estimation. 1-800-622-1314, or go to Free Estimate.

BUILDING DISASTER RESTORATION AND RECOVERY Hurricane Sandy Roof Damage LR Metals Building, South Plainfield, NJ

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CAI Restoration Services is an environmentally responsible company offering unique and specialized services targeted towards the renovation, reconstruction, restoration and specialized maintenance of:

  • Commercial & Retail Buildings
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Buildings
  • Warehousing / Distribution Facilities
  • Office and High-Density
    Residential Buildings
  • Multi-Level Parking Structures
  • Institutional and Utility Buildings